Well, my title must be more than satisfying to explain my feeling now. Basically I have never done anything even remotely close to blogging. And the only sane reason why I am doing this is the same reason I literally quit Facebook (That was exaggeration, nobody quits Facebook). I was bored and it was close to impossible to find anybody who would willingly listen to the constant rumblings of my brains or mind or thoughts or whatever that pleases you. 🙂

Okay, so here goes the formal invitation. WELCOME TO MY BLOG 🙂

It was a purposeful mistake of not including “welcome ALL to my blog”. I am not fussy but here are the tiniest of requirements if you want to continue reading my blog. (That got me thinking, is there something like blocking and deleting unwanted people in this site?) First, criticism is accepted if put forward in the best possible way. Second, this could be a warning as well, I am NOT very prompt and punctual about updating my blog (No, that’s not being lazy, I just have a hectic schedule. See, am excellent at making excuses:D). Third, my blog is not the place for those of you out there looking for matters of scientific interest or those of you who don’t understand the difference between a dating site and a blog.
Thats it! 😀

P.S I haven’t mentioned much about me, maybe later. I would like it to be more of my “thoughts and talks” rather than about me!:)

Happy Blogging people!:)


By thotsntoks